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Course Description

"By the Numbers" Do you know where you are in your career and how healthy is your practice today. To look closer at where you are and where do you want to be and steps on how to get there.


I. Educational Accomplishments:

A. Bachelor’s Degree in Biology & Chemistry--University of Texas/Sam Houston State B. Doctor of Dental Surgery---Emory University

C. Master’s Degree in Orthodontics---Boston/Harvard School of Graduate Dentistry

II. Business Experience:

A. Practiced orthodontics for 15 years.

B. Home educated our children for 15 years.

C. Owned or had investment control in 10 businesses over the years.

D. Currently (for 8 years now) have owned and operated the Nautical Inn/In His Palms Resort E. For over 30 years I have been a consultant to dentists about their career options and how to

make their practices more successful, profitable and putting the practice more in balance with their other goals in life. This experience includes:

1. Lectures at more than 10 dental schools across the country

2. Speaking at dozens of Dental Society Meetings

3. Seminars for groups of 10 to 100 dentists at various locations across the USA

4. Western Vice President and trainer for AFTCO Associates for 30 years

5. Current senior analyst for AFTCO in the Chicago area

III. Greatest Claims:

A. Happily Married for 43 years to God's greatest earthly gift--Gail Robinson Blair

1. Four great adult children--Buddy 40; Dr. Britney 36; Ben 34 and Brigitte 31

2. All career accomplishers from fantastic Mom to medical doctor.

3. One fabulous Granddaughter-Sophia Grace in Chicago, where Gump now lives!

B. Youth Pastor for Lebanon Baptist Church

C. Teacher for Young Married Class under Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. David Jerimiah and several other great Pastors